Medical Education Study Committee

In 2007 the Legislature passed S1210 which appropriated $300,000 to the State Board of Education to “engage the services of an external, independent consultant to undertake a comprehensive study of the feasibility and viability of offering a medical degree through: (i) a distributive model in partnership with Idaho's public universities and medical community; and (ii) other delivery models the board deems worthy of consideration.” The State Board contracted with MGT of America to conduct the study the results of which are documented in the Medical Education Study Final Report.

S1210 also directed the State Board to report the study’s findings and make recommendations to the 2008 Legislature, but due to timing and the complexity of the subject, the State Board sought and received from the Legislature an additional year to formulate recommendations. The Board President subsequently appointed the Medical Education Study Committee which met three times during the fall of 2008, with a final meeting in January of 2009 at which it approved its findings and recommendations. The State Board of Education accepted the Committee’s findings and recommendations at its January 26, 2009 meeting. At its April 16, 2009 meeting the Board directed the Committee to work on an implementation plan of the recommendations. The Committee held its first implementation planning meeting on November 5, 2009.