Work Group Members and Affiliation

Higher Education Funding Model

Matt Freeman, Co-Chair
Shawn Keough, Co-Chair
Executive Director, State Board of Education
Member, State Board of Education
Dr. Rick Aman President, College of Eastern Idaho
Speaker Scott Bedke District 27
Senator Carl Crabtree District 7
Debbie Critchfield President, State Board of Education
C. Scott Green President, University of Idaho
Dr. Jeff Fox President, College of Southern Idaho
William G. Gilbert, Jr. Member, State Board of Education
Dr. Bert Glandon President, College of Western Idaho
Kurt Leibich Member, State Board of Education
Clay Long Administrator, Division of Career-Technical Education
Dr. Rick MacLennan President, North Idaho College
Dr. Cynthia Pemberton President, Lewis-Clark State College
Rep. Ilana Rubel District 18
Kevin Satterlee President, Idaho State University
Dr. Marlene Tromp President, Boise State University
Senator Janie Ward-Engelking District 18
Greg Wilson Education Senior Policy Advisor, Office of the Governor