Master Educator Premium Portfolio Submission

The application window for 2020 opened June 1 and closed June 30.

Due to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the soft closure of schools a video will not be required as part of the 2020-2021 application process. Individuals who have a video of their instruction, including videos used for online instruction, are encouraged to submit them as evidence of their mastery of instructional techniques, however, they will not be a minimum requirement for this cohort of applicants.

Review Timelines

Portfolio reviews are tentatively scheduled to start the first week of July. Timelines will be adjusted based on the final number of portfolio evaluators and the number of eligible portfolios received.

Portfolio evaluator applications are currently being reviewed. Prior to the review process starting reviewers will be required to participate in an inter-rater reliability training provided by the Office of the State Board of Education.

Minimum Requirements for Eligibility

*If you have already completed a previous version of the Assurance Form, that will be allowed for the portfolio submission. You are not required to complete an updated form.

Submission Links

If you are employed in an LEA that uses an electronic platform that you have created your portfolio in, please contact Morgan Howard ( or (208) 332-1567. Subject to LEA approval, you may be able to use the current platform to submit your portfolio.

Please submit your portfolio for the educational region in which you are currently employed: