Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research in Idaho

The primary object of the Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research in Idaho (EPSCoR) is to stimulate research in niche areas that can become fully competitive in the disciplinary and multidisciplinary research programs of the National Science Foundation and other relevant agencies.

EPSCoR represents a federal-state partnership to enhance the science and engineering research, education, and technology capabilities of states that traditionally have received smaller amounts of federal R&D funds. Through EPSCoR, participating states are building a high-quality, academic research base that is serving as a backbone of scientific and technological (S&T) enterprise consistent with S&T strategic plans and technology platforms.

EPSCoR currently is led by a State Committee composed of 16 members with diverse professional backgrounds from both the public and private sectors and from all regions of the state. The EPSCoR Committee reports to the Idaho State Board of Education and receives matching funds via the Higher Education Research Council (HERC). The Idaho EPSCoR office and the State of Idaho EPSCoR Project Director are located at the University of Idaho, and partner institutions are Boise State University and Idaho State University.