Idaho Academic Leadership Academy

Funded by the Idaho State Board of Education, in partnership with all eight public postsecondary institutions, the Idaho Academic Leadership Academy (IALA) will bring together 32 faculty participants from across the state for a week-long intensive professional development experience.

Summer 2025 @ Boise State University
  • Leading in an academic setting
  • Leading in a politically-charged environment
  • Understanding strengths-based leadership
  • Building high-performing teams
  • Understanding academic program development, review, and approval
  • Funding models and decision-making in higher education
  • Managing personnel
  • Fostering a culture of belonging
  • Communicating effectively and managing conflict
  • Understanding the intersection  between academic affairs and student affairs
Participant Criteria

The goal of IALA is to ensure a diverse distribution of participants who are interested in academic leadership professional development related to positions such as program directors, department chairs, and deans (all levels).

In the event that more participants apply than can be accommodated, selection will be based on the following:

  • Priority will be given to those who have not had prior opportunities or professional development in academic leadership.
  • Space will be reserved for new leaders in formal positions (e.g., newly appointed department leaders, Deans, Associate Deans; etc.).
  • Candidates who have demonstrated strength and/or potential in a combination of any of the following:
    • A motivation to and interest in leadership
    • An interest in personal and professional development, including receptivity to feedback
    • The ability to adapt and to deal with complexity and ambiguity
    • The ability to communicate effectively
    • The potential for future contributions to the institution
    • Demonstrated high performance in professional experience

Applicants will be required to submit basic profile information, a curriculum vita, and a Statement of Interest.

Statements of interest should be no more than 1000 words and will be evaluated using the Weighted Rubric for Assessing Applications below. Statements could address the following questions:

  • Why are you interested in participating in the Academic Leadership Academy?
  • What are your leadership goals?
  • How do you believe the Academy will help you achieve your goals?
  • What are your strengths and qualifications as a leader within higher education?
Weighted Rubric for Assessing Applications

The following weighted rubric will be used to assess applications for the Academic Leadership Academy.




Motivation and Interest in Leadership


The applicant’s demonstrated motivation to and interest in leadership, as evidenced by their past experiences, goals, and plans.

Leadership Potential


The applicant’s potential for future leadership, as evidenced by their skills, abilities, and experience.

Commitment to Personal and Professional Development


The applicant’s commitment to personal and professional development, as evidenced by their willingness to receive feedback and their desire to learn and grow.

Ability to Adapt and Deal with Complexity and Ambiguity


The applicant’s ability to adapt to change and deal with complexity and ambiguity, as evidenced by their past experiences and their ability to think critically and solve problems.

Communication Skills


The applicant’s communication skills, as evidenced by their ability to articulate their ideas clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.

Applications are closed.

Applications will re-open on November 1, 2024.


Contact Dr. TJ Bliss, Chief Academic Officer for the Idaho State Board of Education:

Dr. TJ Bliss
(208) 332-1597