Proprietary Schools – Non-Degree Granting


Proprietary schools are postsecondary schools that offer courses of study but do not provide, offer, or sell degrees. Some courses offered by proprietary schools are also available through accredited postsecondary institutions.

The State of Idaho require all proprietary schools maintaining a presence in the State of Idaho or operating from a location within the State of Idaho to register with the State Board of Education annually.

Registration and operation requirements are found in Idaho Code, Title 33, Chapter 24, Postsecondary and Proprietary Schools and Idaho Administrative Rule 08.01.11, Registration of Proprietary Schools.

For detailed information about proprietary school registration applications and renewals, see the Idaho Proprietary School Registration Guide.

Forms For New Proprietary School Applicants

Forms For Existing Proprietary Schools

Forms For New and Existing Proprietary Schools

New applications can be submitted to the Board at any time.
Registration renewals are due on or before the first business day of May, mail original form, signed verification of compliance, surety bond and registration fee to:

Office of the State Board Of Education
Attn: Private Postsecondary & Proprietary Schools
P.O. Box 83720
650 W. State Street, Suite 307
Boise, ID 83720-0037

Consumer Information

The State Board of Education does not review or approve proprietary school programs or curriculum. Courses or certificated programs from non-accredited schools may not be accepted or recognized by accredited institutions, employers, or other entities. Some courses or programs offered by proprietary schools are also available through accredited postsecondary institutions. Completing courses through accredited institutions may be beneficial for future employment or educational opportunities.

Registered School Listing

This is the most current listing of proprietary schools registered with the Idaho State Board of Education.

Student Complaint Procedures for Proprietary and Private Postsecondary Schools

The state of Idaho requires proprietary schools and private postsecondary institutions to register with the Idaho State Board of Education. Students of these schools and institutions may escalate complaints to the State Board of Education if they are unable to achieve resolution through the school’s or institution’s grievance process. The complaint form below may be used by a student of a proprietary school or private postsecondary educational institution located in Idaho. Prior to filing a complaint with the Idaho State Board of Education, the student must have first exhausted the school or institution’s internal complaint resolution process.