STEM Education

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

The State Board developed the P-20 Statewide STEM Strategic Plan to meet the demands of a globally competitive economy requiring STEM knowledge and skills.  Key stakeholders were convened by the Board to identify STEM goals and initiatives for the state of Idaho. The statewide STEM Strategic Plan was adopted in 2013 and finalized with performance indicators in 2014.

The high-level goals of the STEM Strategic Plan are as follows:

  • All students will have equitable access to P-20 STEM education opportunities, curriculum, programs, and policies that will improve P-20 student content knowledge, academic performance, and interest in STEM, contributing to the success of students and employees entering STEM fields.
  • P-20 educators will be diverse and of high quality and be prepared and able to incorporate and integrate STEM education in their curriculum and instruction.
  • Create awareness and support for STEM education across the state.
  • Develop a diverse STEM talent base that is prepared to meet the demands of a globally competitive economy and is informed by and aligned with statewide economic and workforce development initiatives.

Please see the full STEM Strategic Plan for complete details.