Next Steps Idaho

Helping Idahoans Find Their Next Step

Sponsored by the Idaho State Board of Education, Next Steps Idaho is a statewide initiative that prepares students for life after high school and extends clear and accessible career pathways.

Each grade level of the website can be navigated by students, alone, or incorporated into existing curriculum and led by teachers and counselors. Interactive skill-sorting, learning-style, and money-educating quizzes allow users to determine their interests and values, then explore the careers that best suit those results.

The Next Steps Idaho website is the fastest way to access Apply Idaho, Direct Admissions information, a directory of Idaho public postsecondary institutions, and so much more.

Next Steps Idaho demystifies the post-high school landscape by providing students and their families with simple, up-to-date information. In 2020, Next Steps Idaho will expand its reach to aid younger learners and more mature job-seekers, in addition to its current 8th-12th grade audience.