District / Charter School Planning

Each year, school districts and charter schools must update their Continuous Improvement Plan, College and Career Advising and Mentoring Plan (Advising Plan), and Literacy Intervention Program Plan (Literacy Plan). Plans must be updated and posted / submitted by October 1. Please submit plans via e-mail to plans@osbe.idaho.gov.

  • The Continuous Improvement Plan must be posted to the school district/charter school website by October 1. State Board of Education staff must confirm that plans are posted on-time and review their alignment to the law, so we ask district/charters to provide a hyperlink to their plans via e-mail by the deadline.
  • The Advising Plan and Literacy Plan must be submitted to the Office of the State Board of Education by October 1 to plans@osbe.idaho.gov

Districts and charters have options for creating or updating plans, including using a locally-designed format. In recent years, the legislative process has resulted in changes to some statutes and rules associated with the district plans. If you are planning to submit your plan(s) in a locally-designed format, please reference the Review Checklists (in Other Resources) to ensure your plan(s) meet current requirements.

If you have questions about developing or submitting a Combined District Plan, Continuous Improvement Plan, or Literacy Plan, please contact Alison Henken. If you have questions regarding the Advising Plan, please contact Byron Yankey.

Guidelines for District Plans

Combined District Plan

Continuous Improvement Plan

Literacy Intervention Program Plan

College and Career Advising and Mentoring Plan

Qualified Trainers

Individuals and organizations wishing to train district administrators and school board members in strategic planning, finance, superintendent evaluations, public charter administrator evaluations, or ethics and governance must submit an application to determine all qualifications requirements are met.

Literacy Intervention Tools

The Literacy Tools RFP Process allows vendors to submit a proposal to demonstrate that their product(s) are aligned to Idaho statute and the Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Plan. Vendors who meet applicable criteria are posted on the Approved Vendor List.