Broadband and E-rate Services

If you are responsible for your school’s annual E-rate paperwork, Idaho’s Broadband and E-rate Services team is here to help you get started!

The Broadband Reimbursement Program assists schools through the annual E-rate funding program, and will reimburse the costs of monthly Internet services that are not covered by E-rate. This state funding is overseen by the Education Opportunity Resource Committee (EORC), and is supplemented by the Broadband Infrastructure Improvement Grant (B.I.I.G.).

About the Broadband Reimbursement Program

LEAs that receive E-rate funding for monthly services and one-time costs may also receive state reimbursements for the remaining portion not funded by E-rate. Reimbursements are approved by the Educational Opportunity Resource Committee (see below for reimbursement guidelines; Idaho 33-5604).

For assistance with E-rate, Internet funding, or more, contact either program coordinator:

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The Idaho Schools Newsletter provides important announcements about E-rate and the Idaho Broadband Program.

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Broadband Infrastructure Improvement Grant

Idaho invests in dedicated fiber infrastructure for its schools and libraries through “B.I.I.G.,” the Broadband Infrastructure Investment Grant (Idaho 33-910). The grant unlocks additional E-rate dollars to fund special construction projects that create direct fiber connections to schools and libraries. The remaining portion may also receive state reimbursements. Learn more about the B.I.I.G. application.

Frequently Asked Questions
How Do I Receive E-rate Reimbursements?
State Reimbursement Guidelines
Calendar for Starting an E-rate Funding Request
EORC – Educational Opportunity Resource Committee
The Annual E-rate Cycle
Before Starting E-rate
July – December Form 470 Bidding Window
January – March: Form 471 Application Window
April – Beyond: Form 472 Invoicing E-rate
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