Staff Members

Office of the State Board of Education

The Office of the State Board of Education (OSBE) provides critical executive, strategic, tactical, and administrative support to the Board of Education in its policy-making authority.

Frequently Requested Contacts


Teacher Certification(208) 332-6882 (SDE)
Background Checks & Fingerprinting  (208) 332-6888 (SDE)
Charter Schools, Home Schooling, Private Schools, Virtual Schools (208) 332-6963 (SDE)
GEARUP (208) 332-6946 (SDE)
Dual-Credit/Fast Forward(208) 332-6944 (SDE)
GED Certificate Requests(208) 429-5547 (CTE)
855-876-3774 or
Complaints about or disputes with a K-12 school or educator should first be addressed at the local school district level 


ITT (2001-2016) Transcript Requests
ITT (pre-2001) Transcript Requests
Student Loans and Loan Forgiveness


Board of Cosmetology(208) 334-3233 (IBOL)
Board of Occupational Licenses(208) 334-3233 (IBOL)



Executive Director

Executive Assistant

Deputy Attorney General

Management Services

Chief Communications and Legislative Affairs Officer

Media Requests | Education Legislation | Public Records Requests | Governor's Task Force for Improving Education

Administrative Assistant I

Chief Planning and Policy Officer

State Board of Education Policy | State Education Laws | Education Related Administrative Rules | Strategic Planning | Higher Education Research Council Information | Board Meeting Information | Governor's Task Force for Improving Education

Administrative Assistant II

K-12 Accountability and Projects Program Manager

K-12 Accountability & Assessment | Early Reading Literacy | K-12 Continuous Improvement Planning | Workforce Development Coordination

Educator Effectiveness Program Manager

Educator Preparation and Professional Development | Educator Evaluation | STEM Education Initiatives

Web Developer

Web Development (front/back-end) | Web Design | Content Strategy | Content Management

Scholarships Program Manager

State managed scholarship information

Technical Records Specialist II - Scholarships

State-managed scholarship information

Technical Records Specialist II

College and Career Advising Program Manager

Academic Affairs

Chief Academic Officer

Higher Education | Complete College Idaho | College and Career Readiness

Academic Affairs Program Manager

Higher Education Program Approval | Indian Education

Administrative Assistant II – Higher Education

Questions for Chief Academic Officer | Collegiate Meeting Questions | Administrative Assistance for Colleges | Information Forwarding

Student Affairs Program Manager

Dual Credit/ Advanced Opportunities | Idaho College Application Week Student Complaints- Public Institutions

Private Postsecondary and Proprietary Schools Coordinator

Private Postsecondary Institution and Proprietary School Registrations & Student Complaints|State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA)


Chief Financial Officer

Higher Education Finance | State Budgeting Process | Optional Retirement Plan

Financial/Performance Audit Manager

Colleges and Universities Budgets | Student Fees State Budget Requests

Financial Unit Lead

Accounts Receivable/Payable | Verification of Employment General Fiscal Related Questions

Human Resource Specialist

Organizational Development | Policies | Benefits


Director of Research

Data Collection | Analysis | Reporting

Principal Research Analyst

Research | Data Analysis

Educational Analytics System Program Manager

Educational Analytics System (EASI) | Information Technology Data Management Council

Statewide Longitudinal Data System Data Analyst

Research-Communications Specialist

Research | Analysis

Public Charter School Commission

Charter Schools Program Director

Public Charter School Information

Public Charter School Commission Program Manager

Public Charter School Information

School Finance & Resource Program Manager

Public Charter School Information

Administrative Assistant

Public Charter School Information