Board Policies & Rules

The Foundation of Idaho's Education System

A hierarchy is established to define the levels of precedent for state government documents. To illustrate these various levels, the analogy of a pyramid is useful. Each increasing level becomes smaller in size, yet greater in scope. The Idaho State Constitution defines the legislature. The legislation creating an agency defines and restricts the agency’s authority, which in turn restricts the scope of its rule making powers.

The Hierarchy of State Documents

It is helpful to understand the definition and scope of these documents for perspective on the day-to-day administration and execution of the law. See  The Idaho Rule Writer’s Manual (page 8) for a description of each document and insight on how agency rules are written.

Education Rules of Idaho - Idaho Administrative Procedures Act (IDAPA)

Administrative Rules have the force and effect of law and as such are subject to a comprehensive process that includes review and approval by the Idaho Legislature in order to become final and enforceable.

Documents Incorporated by Reference into Administrative Code (Rule)

Pursuant to Section 67-5229(2), Idaho Code, the notice of proposed rulemaking must include a brief summary detailing the need to incorporate by reference any additional materials into the rule. The agency must also provide information regarding access to the incorporated materials.