Educator Effectiveness

The purpose of the Educator Effectiveness program is to support and facilitate the State Board of Education’s governance of Idaho’s public K-20 school system. The primary focus of the program is to work with issues related to the quality and effectiveness of the educators in the state’s public K-12 school system, including preparation of educators at the postsecondary level.

Master Educator Premium

The Master Educator Premium was established in 2015 through the enactment of Section 33-1004I, Idaho Code, to recognize and financially reward experienced, exemplary educators that are able to demonstrate mastery of instructional techniques and professional practice.

Educator Evaluation Reviews

Pursuant to Idaho Code § 33-1004B(14), a review of a sample of instructional staff and pupil service staff evaluations shall be conducted annually. Reviews are conducted in two phases:

Educator Preparation Programs

A learner-ready educator is one who is ready on day one of his or her career to model and develop in students the knowledge and skills they need to succeed today including the ability to think critically and creatively, to apply content to solving real-world problems, to be literate across the curriculum, to collaborate and work in teams, and to take ownership of their own continuous learning.

Administrative Certificate Renewal Requirement

In conjunction with the passage of the Career Ladder legislation H296 (2015), lawmakers amended Idaho Code §33-1204 to include a coursework requirement for all Idaho administrators seeking renewal of their administrative certificate. In addition to a lab component to ensure rater–reliability in evaluation, the required coursework must also include the following.

Idaho Educator Pipeline

The State Board of Education annually reviews the condition of our educator pipeline through the Educator Pipeline Report. This report provides a foundation for understanding the issues facing Idaho’s educator pipeline.