Higher Education Research Council

The Higher Education Research Council (HERC) is responsible for implementing and administering the Board’s higher education research policy and the grant programs created by it. These programs are designed to stimulate competitive research at Idaho’s institutions.

HERC has worked diligently to attract projects that serve to strengthen the research capabilities and contribute to economic development in the state of Idaho. HERC was formed in the Fall of 1998 as a result of the Idaho State Board of Education’s interest in promoting basic and applied research at Idaho’s public, four-year institutions. Learn more about each institution’s research office below.

Institutional Research Offices

HERC Members

  • Dr. Harold Blackman, Chair
    Interim Vice President for Research and Economic Development
    Boise State University
  • Dr. Donna Lybecker
    Acting Vice President of Research and Economic Development
    Idaho State University
  • Dr. Christopher Nomura
    Vice President for Research and Economic Development
    University of Idaho
  • Dr. Lori Stinson
    Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs
    Lewis-Clark State College
  • Dr. Marianne Walck
    Deputy Lab Director, Science and Technology and Chief Research Officer
    Idaho National Laboratory
  • Ms. Robin Woods
    Alturas Analytics, Inc.
  • Ms. Heather Messenger
    Life Sciences and Biotech Industry
  • Ms. Eileen Barber

For more information, see the Higher Education Research subsection of the governing policies and procedures.

Higher Education Research Council Programs

These programs are designed to stimulate competitive research at Idaho's institutions, under the direction of the Higher Education Research Council.

Funded Research Centers

The State Board of Education has funded seven research centers through the Research Center Grant Program. The most recent recipient of the research center grant was awarded to Boise State University for their Institute for Musculoskeletal Research.

Current HERC Projects

The Higher Education Research Council supports research efforts at Idaho Institutions through several programs, including IGEM, Incubation Fund, and Undergraduate Research grants.