Current HERC Projects and Recent Reports

The Higher Education Research Council supports research efforts at Idaho Institutions through several programs, including IGEM, Incubation Fund, and Undergraduate Research grants.


IGEM 25-001 – Development of Methodologies, Instrumentation, and Assay Kits for Screening of Toxic Organic Pollutants in Environmental Sources
IGEM 25-002 – A microneedle-based transcutaneous Staphylococcus aureus vaccine
IGEM 25-003 – AI Based Quality Control for Potato Harvesting
IGEM 25-004 – Demonstration of soil thickness and carbon (STC) method
IGEM 25-005 – Self-healing Composites for Aggressive Environments 
IGEM 25-006 – Flexible Data Collection and Analysis Systems for Precision Agriculture and Environmental Sensing 
IGEM 25-007 – Recovery of Critical Materials from E-Waste 
IGEM 25-008 – Developing Novel Fungicides for Sustainable Potato Production 
IGEM 23-001 – Library of Reconfigurable Immersive Attack and Defend Scenarios for Cybersecurity Research and Workforce Development
IGEM 22-001 – The Cyberdome: An Investment in Idaho’s Cybersecurity Future
IGEM 22-002 – Boise State University Food and Dairy Innovation Center
IGEM 20-001 – A Disaster Response Complex for Emergency Responders in Idaho
IGEM 20-002 – Cellulosic 3D Printing of Modular Building Assemblies
IGEM19-001 – UI Sustaining the Competitiveness of the Food Industry in Southern Idaho:  Integrated Water, Energy, and Waste Management
IGEM19-002 –  Nucleic Acid Memory
IGEM17-001 – Security Management of Cyber Physical Control Systems
IGEM16-001 – BSU Computer Science at Boise State University – An Investment in Idaho’s Future
IGEM16-002 – Enhancing Capabilities in Nantechnology and Microfabrication at Boise State
IGEM16-003 – Wide Band Gap and Harsh Environment Semiconductor RD&D Capability
IGEM15-001 – ARC: Automata processor for Research Computing
IGEM15-002 – Molecular Skills Training for Technicians
IGEM15-003 – Statewide Collaboration to Develop Energy Storage Technology for Extreme Environments
IGEM13-001 –  Computer Science and Boise State University
IGEM13-002 – Development of Commercially-Viable, Accelerator-Produced Materials for Medical and Semiconductor Industry Applications
IGEM13-003 – Multidisciplinary Cyber-Security Faculty Cluster Hire

Incubation Fund

IF 22-001 – Multiphysics Characterization of Printed Smart Materials and Systems
IF20-001 – Optical Sensors for Harsh Environments
IF20-002 – Ink Production Scale Up
IF20-003 – Darwin’s Demons Mobile: Expanding the Market for Evolutionary Procedural Content Generation
IF18-001 – Continued Process Evaluation of an Integrated Pilot Scale Algae Resource Recovery Unit and Bio-plastics and Bio-power System
IF18-002 – Infrastructure to Support Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Designation for Cu-67
IF18-003 – Idaho Incubation Fund Program Recycle Tritium
IF18-004 –  An Evolutionary Approach for Procedural Opponent Generation in Video Games
IF18-005 – Engineered Advancements in Measuring Molecular Interactions in Support of Local Bio-industry
IF18-006 – Infrasound Detector for Localizing Gun Shot
IF18-008 – Malicious Community Extractor (MACE): A Robust Toolkit for Unmasking Criminal Networks 
IF17-001 – Pilot Scale Algae Resource Recovery Unit
IF17-002 – Solid State Positioning Drive
IF17-003 – Cyber Forensic Investigation Toolkit (CFIT); Next-generation Evidence-gathering for Law Enforcement
IF17-004 – Commercialization of Trace Element Detection Technology
IF17-005 – Drought Mapping Using a Small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) for Precision Agriculture in Idaho
IF16-003 – Solid State Positioning Device
IF16-006 – Plant Extracts as Natural Pesticides and Potato Sprout Inhibitors
IF16-013 – Development of a Commercial Process to Produce 123I Using an Electron LINAC
IF16-014 – Developing All-Natural Low GI Potato
IF16-015 – N-E-W Terra: An Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer (EFF) Manufactured from Biochar
IF15-001 – Nullomer Anticancer Peptides
IF15-002 – Small Molecule Inhibitors for the Reduction of Cancer Metastasis
IF15-003 – Integral 3D Strain Sensor, Phase ll
IF15-004 – SAVE: Self-organizing Air VEnt System
IF15-007 – Prototype Development of a Low Cost Thermal Scour-Deposition Chain
IF14-002 – Liposome Delivery of Cancer Killing Nullomer Peptides
IF14-004 – Research Films with Columnar Structure to Improve Memristor Speed, Reliability and Lifespan
IF14-005 – Integral 3-D Strain Sensor
IF14-008 – SAVE: Self-organizing Air VEnt System
IF14-009 – Development of Cationic Prodrugs to Improve Topical Treatment of Musculoskeletal Disorders
IF14-012 – Production of Gender-Sorted Sperm for Applications in the Animal Reproduction Industry Using the Invader Technology
IF14-013 – Prototype Development for a Low Cost Thermal Scour-Deposition Chain
IF13-001 – Development of Diagnostic Kits for Gender Determination of Animal Embryos
IF13-002 – Commercializing Specific “Naturally Occurring” Probiotic Bacterial Strains as Feed Additives to Improve Fish Health and Aid in Disease Management for Aquaculture
IF13-004 – Ultrafast Fermentation
IF13-003 – Development of an Energy Efficient Integrated FRP-confined Precast Concrete Sandwich Roof Panel for Green Buildings
IF13-005 – Advancing Glycerol Conversion Technology for Commercialization for Sustainable Biodiesel Industry
IF13-006 – Characterization of Antigens for a Staphylococcal Bovine Mastitis Vaccine
IF13-007 – A Computational Method to Advance the Clinical Treatment of Bone Fractures
IF12-001 – Device for Subsurface Environmental Monitoring, Ready for Prototype
IF12-003 – Biological Testing with MSM Micropump
F12-005 – Academic Liaison with Industry: from big D little r to big D big R is good for Idaho
IF12-011 – Commercialization of Electron Linear Accelerator Manufactured Isotopes
IF12-014 – A High Performance, Horizontal Plate Battery for Plug-in, Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV’s)
IF12-015 – SSLAR Imaging System Development for High-speed, High-resolution Surveillance Camera Markets
IF12-017 – Development of an Independent Fault Monitor to Increase Safety and Marketability of the Advanced Accessible Pedestrian System 
IF11-004 – Biological Testing with MSM Micropumps
F11-010 – Development of a Novel Drug to Treat Pancreatic Cancer
IF11-011 – Enhancing Propagation Capability to Accelerate the Commercialization of Domesticated Native Plants
IF11-012 – Constructing a Pilot-scale Bioplastic Production Facility
IF11-013 – Generation of Potato-Based Resistant Starch (RS) Ingredients for Testing within Commercial Product Prototypes by an Industrial Partner
IF11-016 – Commercializing Specific Probiotic Bacterial Strains as Direct Fed Microbials (DFMs) to Improve Fish Health and Reduce Disease Related Mortality at Aquaculture Facilities
IF11-018 – Nanospring Coatings for the Promotion of Bone Growth on Prostheses 

Infrastructure Reports