Executive Agencies of the Idaho State Education System

Idaho’s education system includes state agencies that provide services beyond degree-granting institutions.

These agencies and scope of responsiblities include:

Office of the State Board of Education

The Office of the State Board of Education assists the Board in the execution of its legal responsibilities, including:

  • providing information, analysis, and recommendations associated with the Board’s decision-making processes;
  • coordinating the functions and activities of the agencies and institutions governed by or funded through the Board;
  • initiate, in cooperation with the agencies and institutions long-term planning efforts which are responsive to emerging legal, social, and fiscal events in the state, region, and nation;
  • interact, as directed by the Board, with other branches and representatives of state government;
  • provide public information with respect to the Board, its policies, and its institutions and agencies;
  • establish and coordinate the Board’s plan for postsecondary education; and
  • administer all programs and services assigned to the Board by statute, regulation,or appropriation.

Idaho State Department of Education

The Idaho State Department of Education is an executive agency of the State Board of Education responsible for public elementary and secondary school matters as provided by Title 33, Idaho Code, or as determined by the Board.  The State Superintendent of Public Instruction is an elected official and chief executive officer of the State Department of Education responsible for carrying out the policies, procedures, and duties authorized by law or established by the Board for all public elementary and secondary school matters.

Career & Technical Education

Career & Technical Education provides statewide leadership, administration, supervision, planning, and coordination for career technical education activities in Idaho and is responsible for carrying out related governing policies of the Board and the applicable provisions of law.

Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation is charged with management of the State/Federal Vocational Rehabilitation Program and State Renal Disease Program. Vocational Rehabilitation assists citizens with disabilities prepare for, secure, retain or regain employment.

Idaho Public Television

Idaho Public Television holds in the public trust television and related broadcast telecommunication licenses issued and governed by the Federal Communications Commission. IdahoPTV is a statewide, non-commercial broadcast telecommunication system and new media provider based in the capital city of Boise with additional staffed facilities in Moscow and Pocatello.

Public Charter School Commission

The Public Charter School Commission serves to protect the interests of public charter schools, students and the public by balancing high standards of accountability and implementing best authorizing practices to ensure the excellence of public charter school options available to Idaho families.