Board Planning

Targeting Systemwide Goals and Initiatives

The State Board of Education envisions an accessible, affordable, seamless public education system that results in a highly educated citizenry.

Board Mission and Strategic Plan - 2024-2029

The mission of the Board is “To drive improvement of the K-20 education system for the citizens of Idaho, focusing on quality, results, and accountability.”

Board Planning Calendar

The master planning calendar provides an overview of yearly tasks associated with policy planning.

Institution and Agency Strategic Plans

Institutions and agencies start updating their strategic plan based on the Board's own strategic plan and guidance in January, and finalize their plans for submission to the Board prior to the April agenda cutoff date.

Graduate Medical Education in Idaho: 10-year Strategic Plan

Graduate Medical Education (GME) is the physician training period after medical school and before independent practice. Where physicians do their residency training is highly correlated with where they will stay and practice medicine.

Indian Education Strategic Plan

Creating and leveraging educational opportunities for Idaho’s American Indian students through access, educational programs, and support services provided by the educational institutions and tribes of Idaho to promote academic and career attainment.

Higher Education Research Strategic Plan

Idaho's public universities will be a catalyst and engine to spur creation of new knowledge, technologies, products and industries that lead to advances and opportunities for economic growth and enhance the quality of life in Idaho and the nation.