Our Kids, Idaho’s Future

Governor Brad Little's K-12 Task Force

“Our Kids, Idaho’s Future” will formulate a five-year blueprint for improvement of and investment in Idaho’s K-12 public education system. The Task Force will review the K-12 budget to align investments with priorities, with the overall goals of improving student achievement, identifying a framework to successfully measure student success, recruit and retain teachers, and others.

The new task force builds on the success of the education task force assembled by Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter in 2013. The first task force demonstrated a successful model for education policymaking that resulted in recommendations to expand early literacy, raise teacher salaries, and increase dual credit opportunities for high school students. Idaho is in its fifth year implementing the recommendations of the first task force.

Task Force Members and Affiliation

Twenty-six servants of the state and community have come together to collectively add experience and insight in an effort to build on previous task force goals and outcomes.

Task Force 2019 Timeline

Follow the timeline of events and deliverables in 2019 executed to achieve the goals of the task force.

[Reference Archive] 2013 Task Force for Improving Education (K-12)

[Reference Archive] 2013 Task Force for Improving Education (K-12)

Commissioned in December 2012 by Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter, the Task Force for Education was assembled to study and collaborate on how Idaho's education system could better prepare its children for success.  As an overarching goal, the Task Force unanimously adopted the State Board's goal that 60 percent of Idahoans between the ages of 25 and 34 attain a postsecondary degree or credential by 2020.