General Education Committee

The state General Education Committee is responsible for reviewing the competencies and rubrics of the general education framework for each institution to ensure its alignment with the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) Essential Learning Outcomes.

Faculty discipline groups have ongoing responsibilities for ensuring consistency and relevance of general education competencies related to their discipline. The rubrics and competencies are reviewed and updated every three years. The General Education Committee consists of a representative from each Idaho public postsecondary institution appointed by the Board; a representative from the Division of Career Technical Education, as an ex officio member; a representative from the Idaho Registrars Council; and the Office of the State Board of Education Chief Academic Officer, who serves as chair to the committee.

General Education Committee Members

  • Jonathan Lashley, Chair
    Associate Chief Academic Officer
    Office of the State Board of Education
  • Lloyd Duman
    Associate Dean of Instruction
    North Idaho College
  • Martin Gibbs
    Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences
    Lewis-Clark State College
  • Jacob Haeberle
    Interim Dean of General Education
    College of Eastern Idaho
  • Chris Harper
    Teaching and Learning Center Director
    College of Southern Idaho
  • Cindy Hill
    Interim Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
    Idaho State University
  • Mandy Nelson
    Boise State University
  • Dean Panttaja
    Interim Vice Provost for Academic Initiatives
    University of Idaho
  • Candyce Reynolds
    Director, Foundations/Gen. Ed.
    Boise State University
  • Debbie Ronneburg
    Interim Dean, College of Technology
    Idaho State University
  • Tiffany Seeley-Case
    Dean of General and Transfer Education
    College of Southern Idaho
  • Karina Smith
    Assistant Director of Concurrent Enrollment
    Boise State University
  • Kristin Whitman
    Health Science Librarian
    Idaho State University
  • Greg Wilson
    General Education Coordinator
    College of Western Idaho
  • General Education Committee Staff

  • TJ Bliss
    Chief Academic Officer
    Office of the State Board of Education
  • Patty Sanchez
    Academic Affairs Program Manager
    Office of the State Board of Education
  • Erin Foley
    Assistant for the Chief Academic Officer
    Academic Affairs Administrative Assistant