Idaho Educator Pipeline

Attract, Prepare, Retain.

The 2017 Teacher Pipeline Report addresses Idaho teacher supply and demand, consists of multiple data points, and will be critical to discovering trends over time to create a cohesive, statewide dialogue about teacher shortages. The goal for this initial report was to collect baseline data from multiple sources to:

  1. Begin building consensus around the most meaningful and relevant indicators of supply and demand for Idaho;
  2. Precisely characterize each of the indicators;
  3. Define what we expect to learn from the indicators and how they will guide policy, and;
  4. Determine measurable goals.

This report explores a number of characteristics that contribute to shortages in Idaho, and begin to identify where policy can have the greatest impact. Among the findings in this report:

  • Approximately 1,873 Idaho instructional certificates are issued annually; of those certificated individuals, approximately 33% do not serve in an Idaho public school.
  • The attrition rate for Idaho teachers’ remains at a steady 10% annually, compared to approximately 8% nationally.
  • Approximately 76% of Idaho’s attrition rate is made up of teachers leaving the teaching workforce before reaching retirement age, compared to 66% of teachers nationally.

The 2017 Teacher Pipeline Report will likely evolve over time, but this initial report provides a foundation for understanding the issues facing Idaho’s teacher pipeline.