Postsecondary Program Planning

Three-Year Timeline

Idaho Code §33-113 charges the Board to define the limits of all public instruction to assure that educational needs are met and in a manner that prevents duplication of services.

Board policies and procedures require development of a comprehensive planning process for the organization and delivery of postsecondary programs and courses by Idaho’s postsecondary institutions. Each public institution must prepare and submit plans of proposed new programs they anticipate offering consistent with their respective Statewide and Regional Program Responsibility. The Office of the State Board of Education incorporates each institution’s plans to create a rolling three-year academic plan that consists of proposed programs as well as current programs.

These plans are structured to address a three-year period of time with updates every year. The development of the three-Year Plan consists of two phases.

  1. The first requires institutions to submit a Notice of Current Programs, which provides specific programmatic information for each current program offering with a statewide and/or regional responsibility. This serves as the mechanism for the development of the three-year plan.
  2. The second phase requires institutions to submit a Notice of Proposed Programs, which provides detailed programmatic information for each new program an institution anticipates delivering.