2017 Teacher Pipeline Report

Proposed Mastery-Based Route to Certification – Alternative Authorization for Content Specialists

Proposed Mastery-Based Pathways to Certification – Preliminary Report

Proposed Mastery-Based Pathways to Certification Tables

Teacher Pipeline 2017 Work Group Members

Opportunity Scholarship Report 2017

In award year 2017, a record number of students received the Idaho Opportunity Scholarship. Due to the increase in the number of awards in 2016, a large share of awards in 2017 were renewals (59 percent). Between 2016 and 2017, the number […] Learn More

Opportunity Scholarship Report 2017 – Full Report

In 2013, the Idaho Legislature expanded the existing Idaho Opportunity Scholarship by directing money from other scholarship programs into the Opportunity Scholarship. Funding for the Opportunity Scholarship has increased approximately ten-fold in the last five years (see Figure 1).

Go-On Rates by District

NIC Financial Audit FY 17

CWI Financial Audit FY 17