Fact Book – 2018

Our state’s founders would be amazed at the size and complexity of our public education system today. We now have over 300,000 students attending our elementary and secondary public schools and over 100,000 enrolled in our public colleges and universities. Idaho’s education-related […] Learn More

SLDS Topical Webinar Summary

Opportunity Scholarship Report 2018 – Full Report

Dual Credit Report 2018

Dual credit courses provide Idaho high school students the opportunity to earn high school credit and postsecondary credit for a single course.1 Idaho invests in dual credit education because evidence suggests that dual credit education encourages high school students to enroll in […] Learn More

Administrative Review & Consolidation Assessment

Minutes – Audit Committee, November 14, 2018

DMC Meeting Minutes – 11/15/2018

NIC Financial Audit FY 18

CWI Financial Audit FY 18

CSI Financial Audit FY 18