Public Higher Education

The role of Idaho’s public higher education institutions is to provide a wide variety of educational, training, research, continuing education and service programs to meet the personal and professional needs of Idaho citizens and employers.

V.Q. – Residency for Tuition Purposes

Idaho State University Family Medical Residency (FMR) Strategic Plan – 2018-2022

Residency Determination Worksheet (06-02-2022)

Residency Visual (06-02-2022)

University of Utah School of Medicine

A limited number of Idaho residents are admitted to the University of Utah School of Medicine under an agreement with the University of Utah. Idaho partially subsidizes the cost of tuition and fees for each Idaho student admitted to the program.

University of Washington School of Medicine

The Washington-Wyoming-Alaska-Montana-Idaho (WWAMI) Regional Medical Education Program allows a limited number of Idaho students the opportunity to study medicine using the combined resources of the University of Idaho and the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle.

Graduate Medical Education in Idaho: 10-year Strategic Plan

Graduate Medical Education (GME) is the physician training period after medical school and before independent practice. Where physicians do their residency training is highly correlated with where they will stay and practice medicine.

ISU Department of Family Medicine Strategic Plan – 2018-2022

Idaho State University Family Medicine Residency is committed to interdisciplinary, evidence-based care and service to our patients and community, university-based education of residents & students, and recruitment of physicians for the State of Idaho.

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