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(Boise). A report issued this week by the College Board showed that nearly 17.7 percent of Idaho high school students who graduated in 2011 took at least one Advanced Placement® (AP) Exam in high school. Of those same graduates, 68.9% earned at least one score of 3 or higher.

Students who earn AP Exam scores of 3 or above are generally considered to be qualified to receive college credit and/or placement into advanced courses due to the fact that their AP Exam scores are equivalent to a college course score of "middle C" or above.

According to the College Board, “Research indicates that students who succeed on an AP Exam during high school typically experience greater academic success in college, experience lower college costs and are more likely to earn a college degree than their peers.”

The number of Idaho students who took an AP Exam in high school increased by 7.1 percent from the academic year ending in 2010 and students who scored a 3 or higher increased 9.8 percent. Since 2006, the number of students taking at least one AP Exam in high school has increased 22.1 percent and the number scoring 3 or higher grew by nearly 37.9 percent.

Idaho school districts joining other national leaders on the annual AP Honor Roll for 2011 include the Independent School District of Boise, Joint School District No. 2 (Meridian) and the Twin Falls School District. Both the Boise and Meridian Districts achieved this honor for the second consecutive year.

The greatest number of students achieving a score of 3 or higher participated in an AP English course. The greatest year-over-year increase was in the number of low income students taking AP Exams, with those who took an AP Exam growing from 12.9 to 15.6 percent and those scoring 3 or higher jumping from 10.9 to 14.1 percent.

State Board President Richard Westerberg said of the results, “Idaho is making progress in providing students with rigorous coursework in high school to help prepare them for success at the postsecondary level. AP course and exam opportunities are an important component of the Board’s goal of seeing 60 percent of Idahoans achieve a postsecondary degree or certificate by 2020.”

Current and 10-year trends, including AP participation and performance data for Idaho is available at

The College Board’s announcement on national results for AP participation and success is available at

The College Board is a mission-driven not-for-profit organization that connects students to college success and opportunity. The Idaho State Board of Education is a member of the College Board. For further information, visit

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