Internal Audit – Report Your Concerns

Fraud, Waste and Abuse

IAAS is the primary office responsible for reviewing instances of fraud, waste or abuse. Such activity should be reported directly to IAAS, to your institutions’ compliance officer or through the anonymous reporting mechanisms listed below.

Other Reporting Concerns

Additionally, University employees are expected to report other concerns involving:

  • Circumstances that pose a threat to health and safety
  • Potential violations of laws and regulations
  • Violations of Board or University policies and procedures
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Cybersecurity concerns
  • Any other compliance or ethics related issues.

Other matters can be reported through a variety of mechanisms. Employees are encouraged to first bring their concerns to the attention of their supervisors or other leadership in their operating unit. If for some reason that is not possible, employees are encouraged make reports directly to any of the following administrative units.


Emergency situations or concerns that could impact human health or safety should be reported immediately to:

Boise State Campus Security

(208) 426-6911

Idaho State Public Safety

(208) 282-2515
(208) 282-2911

Lewis-Clark Security Office

(208) 792-2226

University of Idaho Security Services

(208) 885-7054
(208) 874-7550;

Anonymous Reporting Hotlines

Employees who are not comfortable reporting through the above channels, can make a report directly to IAAS.  Employees are also able to file complaints through any of the following anonymous third-party reporting hotlines:

Boise State University (855) 863-1299 domain/media/en/gui/37887/index.html
Idaho State University (800) 716-9007 Idaho State University Compliance Reporting
University of Idaho Reporting Hotline (800) 775-1056 domain/media/en/gui/52092/index.html
Lewis-Clark State College (855) 840-0070

Boise State University

Institutional Compliance and Ethics

(208) 426-1258 

University Human Resource Services – Employee Relations

(208) 426-1616

University General Counsel

(208) 426-1203


(208) 426-5501

Office of Research Compliance

(208) 426-5401
Faculty Ombuds (208) 426-6283

Dean of Students

(208) 426-1527

Idaho State University

Chief Compliance Officer/General Counsel (208) 282-3234
Human Resources (208) 282-2517
Cybersecurity (208) 282-2872
Research Compliance (208) 282-2618
Ombuds Coordinator (208) 282-3081
Dean of Students (208) 282-2794

University of Idaho

Chief Compliance Officer/General Counsel

(208) 885-6125

Human Resources

(208) 885-3638


(208) 885-1060

Research Compliance

(208) 885-6162

Ombuds Coordinator


Dean of Students

(208) 885-6757

Lewis-Clark State College

Compliance Officer

(208) 792-2218

Human Resources

(208) 792-2269


(208) 792-2009

Institutional Research and Effectiveness

(208) 792-2162

Ombuds Coordinator

Not applicable


Dean of Students

(208) 792-2218

State Whistleblower Protection

Idaho Code 6-2104 provides protection to public employees who, in good faith, communicate the existence of waste of public funds, property or manpower, or a violation of law or suspected violation of law, rule or regulation adopted under the law of Idaho or a subdivision of the State of Idaho.