Idaho Residence for Tuition Purposes

Residency is determined at the time of application to an Idaho postsecondary institution and is based on information provided on the student's application for admission.

Applicants may apply either online via the institutions' websites or through the common Application for Undergraduate Admission (see link below).

The statutory and regulatory provisions relevant to residency determinations may be found at:
Idaho Code Section 33-3717B (institutions other than community colleges)
Idaho Code Section 33-2110A (community colleges)
IDAPA 08.01.04

Pursuant to section 33-3713B, Idaho code, a student who is a member of an Idaho Native American Indian tribe, whose traditional and customary tribal boundaries included portions of the state of Idaho, or whose Indian tribe was granted reserved lands within the state of Idaho are eligible for resident tuition at public institutions of higher education in Idaho. The following tribes have been determined to have had traditional and/or customary tribal boundaries in whole or in part in the state Idaho, or have been granted reserved lands within the state of Idaho:

  • Coeur d’Alene Tribe
  • Eastern Shoshone Tribe
  • Kootenai Tribe
  • Nez Perce Tribe
  • Shoshone Paiute Tribe
  • Shoshone Bannock Tribe
  • Northwestern Shoshone

Common Application (07-06-2016)

Residency Determination Worksheet (06-21-2016)

This worksheet should be used only if a student's initial application for admission indicates non-resident status and additional information has been requested by the institution.

Residency Visual (07-13-2016)

Resident Tuition fact sheet pathways (07-13-2016)

Resident Tuition fact sheet process (06-21-2016)

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