Advanced Opportunities

There are several opportunities for students at Idaho secondary schools to earn college credit for education completed while still enrolled in the secondary school system.

Advanced Placement

The College Board Advanced Placement AP Examinations

The College Board provides AP exams in a variety of subject areas. The tests are taken while you are still in high school, and you may receive college credit if you receive a 3, 4, or 5 on the exam, depending upon the postsecondary institution you plan to attend.

Dual Credit

Dual credit, sometimes called "concurrent enrollment," is course work in which a secondary student is enrolled in a college level course which is also counted as a secondary course for high school graduation purposes. Contact your local college or university to see if this program is offered in your area.

Idaho Dual Credit Program

The College-Level Examination Program

The College-Level Examination Program - CLEP

Some Idaho colleges and universities provide credit for CLEP General or CLEP subject examinations, or both. CLEP General Examinations cover broad areas of study such as English composition, mathematics, history and social sciences, natural sciences, and the humanities. Please note that not all postsecondary institutions will accept CLEP tests towards credit for graduation. CLEP tests can be taken in high school or college, as long as the student has not already taken the course at the college level.

For more information on AP, CLEPand concurrent enrollment programs, contact your high school counselor. The postsecondary institution you plan to attend may also offer credit based on other criteria.

Technical Competency Credit (TCC)

Technical Competency Credit (TCC) allows high school students to document proficiency in the skills and abilities they develop in approved high school professional-technical programs. TCC is evaluated for postsecondary transcription at a later date (up to two years). Technical Competency Credits are awarded for skills and competencies identified as eligible through a TCC Agreement with at least one Idaho postsecondary institution; it is not course-to-course articulation.

Students participating in a high school program approved for TCC are not considered postsecondary students until they matriculate to a postsecondary institution. Technical Competency Credit is NOT eligible for Fast Forward program, but the cost to student is $10 per credit.

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