Academic Program Approval

Idaho Code 33-101 provides that the State Board of Education has constitutional general supervision and governance of public postsecondary institutions.

Program Review and Approval Procedures

The Board approves all new academic and career-technical education programs for all eight public Idaho institutions consistent with Board Policy III.G. Program requests requiring completion of a Program Proposal Form must be submitted to the Office of the State Board of Education using the online Institution Program Database System. Each institution has a designated representative responsible for the submission of proposals to the system.

There are four Program Proposal Forms institutions shall use for processing program requests.

The Academic Degree and Certificate Proposal Form is to request a new certificate, associate, Bachelor’s, or graduate program, and to expand or consolidate an existing program.
The Career & Technical Certificate/Degree Proposal Form is to request a new CTE program or expand/consolidate an existing program. A Scope and Sequence, CTE Form Attachment B, is required for career-technical education requests.
The Discontinuance Proposal Form is to discontinue any academic or career-technical education program and administrative/instructional unit.
The Instructional/Administrative Unit Proposal Form is to request a new instructional or administrative unit.

Please refer to Idaho State Board of Education Governing Policies and Procedures,  Section III.G. Program Approval and Discontinuance.