Higher Education Research Council (HERC)

The Higher Education Research Council (HERC) was formed in the Fall of 1998 as a result of the Idaho State Board of Education's interest in promoting basic and applied research at Idaho's public, four-year institutions.

Boise State University

Idaho State University

Lewis-Clark State College

University of Idaho

HERC is responsible for implementing and administering the Board's revised Higher Education Research policy and the grant programs created by it, which are designed to stimulate competitive research at Idaho's institutions. HERC has worked diligently to attract projects that serve to strengthen the research capabilities and contribute to the economic development of the state of Idaho.

HERC members

Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission (IGEM) Grant Program

Higher Education Research Council
IGEM Program Awards

Funding under this program will be awarded for competitive state university research in support of the goals of the Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission (IGEM) initiative.  These funds are to be used as seed funding for strengthening Idaho’s future by strategically investing in the development of expertise, products, and services which result in state economic growth. 

Selected project proposals will be in alignment with the statewide higher education research strategic plan and will leverage the talents and expertise of Idaho’s research universities and the private sector to further the economic vitality of the state; create a platform to facilitate and accelerate the transfer of technology out of Idaho’s public state research facilities and into the private sector; and create new ideas, products and companies that will lead to higher-paying jobs and a strong economic foundation for Idaho.

Priority will be granted to those proposals that can show a strong collaborative effort between institutions as well as the private sector or exhibit high potential for near term technology transfer to the private sector.

Incubation Fund Program

The State Board of Education is appropriated funds each year by the Legislature through the colleges and universities appropriation to be used for the mission and goals of the Higher Education Research Council (HERC). These funds have been used to develop research infrastructure, promote STEM education, foster innovation and technology and enhance the research environment at Idaho's public institutions. Nationally and within Idaho, it is being recognized that the intellectual property and technology created through university research is not being fully utilized or reaching its economic potential.

HERC believes that to fully realize the potential of the technical advances of the universities, to meet the expectations of stakeholders, and to create opportunities for retaining students within Idaho, an incubation fund should be established from which technologies that meet specific criteria will be incubated to support technology transfer and commercialization. These will be investments in selected technologies with expectations that the licensing of the technologies will provide benefits to the universities and stimulate economic development.

To be considered, see the FY 18 Incubation Fund Request for Proposal, and submit a proposal if your initiative fits the criteria. 

FY18 RFP Incubation Fund Program (PDF)

FY18 RFP Incubation Fund Program (DOC)

Research Center Grant Program

The Higher Education Research Council recommends that funds be provided to establish focused research centers, which provide the facilities and staff necessary to conduct intensive research at a nationally competitive level and for leveraging extramural research funding. The Research Center Grant Program (RCGP) is a competitive program held every three years. Idaho’s four-year public institutions are eligible for this grant program.

Funded Research Centers

The State Board of Education has funded seven research centers through this grant program. The most recent recipient of the research center grant was awarded to Boise State University for their Institute for Musculoskeletal Research.

Center for Geophysical Investigation of the Shallow Subsurface (BSU)

Institute for Musculoskeletal Research (BSU)

Center for Ecological Research and Education (ISU)

Idaho Accelerator Center (ISU)

Center for Hazardous Waste Remediation Research (UI)

Institute for Materials & Advanced Processes (UI)

Center for Research on Invasive Species and Small Populations (UI)

Research Offices

Boise State University

Idaho State University

Lewis-Clark State College

University of Idaho

Chief Planning and Policy Officer

Tracie Bent Email

Administrative Assistant

Clara Partida Email


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